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Status quo / Conceptual phase

Certain consolidations and assessments on the technology, requirements of and realistic risks involved in larger piloting/manufacturing campaigns should be addressed before work packages are placed at external facilities. This might change things against initial projection, nevertheless it will further prepare you for success. It helps to make your overall commercialization less expensive, more flexible and faster.

Our service includes
  • Project definition & process requirements summary
  • Technology gap analysis
  • Conceptual process design support:
    • Develop process descriptions, flow sheets, mass balances, specifications
    • Unit operation design, e.g. for aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, cell removal, product recovery & purification
  • Development of R&D plans
  • Development of a commercialization road map
  • Identification of technology partners / unit vendors
  • Scale-up and scale-down guidance
  • Risk assessment
  • Techno-economic modelling

Partner selection

Working with piloting/manufacturing facilities is a critical step which directly impacts your overall commercialization success. It involves a kind of knowledge which is typically hardly available in R&D driven environments. Service providers have their individual strengths and limitations that will impact the execution and achievable results of your project. Identifying and understanding this beforehand is invaluable for the outcome of your project. We are operating out of Germany and thus can provide the following works locally and along Europe.

Works included
  • Identification, technical due dilligence and recommendation of piloting and manufacturing facilities
  • Identification of service providers for further technology development before and during piloting tests (equipment vendors, rental equipment)
  • Preparation of requirement specifications
  • Contractual negotiation support


As soon as a facility is chosen, emphasis must be put on ensuring a smooth transfer of the technology. In all steps to come you need to make sure that the key project outcomes will be met by your contractor and that you gain reliable information for your future commercialization steps.

Supported campaign work
  • Project planning and project coordination of your piloting and manufacturing campaigns
  • Technology transfer
  • Other campaigning support (work plan preparation, scale-up, supervision, audits etc.)
  • Preparing troubleshooting concepts / Plan B scenarios
  • Drafting and review of batch documentation

Engineering steps / Value package

Before taking a next bigger leap or to acquire funding, it is recommended to create value packages. Those highlight the proven status of your technology, its remaining white fields, further R&D or commercialization plans. Also conceptual plant designs & CAPEX estimates become necessary. Such work can be prepared and coordinated with our network of engineering partners.

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